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You are currently not logged in Options in the above menu will change based on your login status. For instance, Freelancers cannot Post / Edit positions, so this option will not be avaialble when logged in as a Freelancer.

In order to better understand how the ActionScript.org Employment Section works, before registering, please read the quick outline below:

The ActionScript.org Employment Section classifies subscribers into two types: Employers and Freelancers.

Employers are companies or individuals who have a need for a talented Flash developer/designer. Registered Employers can post position details which are displayed online as well as being emailed to subscribed Freelancers each Monday. Employers can view position details online but cannot subscribe to receive email notifications of positions.

Freelancers are individuals, groups or companies who provide Flash services. Registered Freelancers will appear in the online, searchable Freelancer listing and are able to opt-in to receiving weekly emails showing the positions listed in this section by Employers. Freelancers can also view position details online regardless of whether they opt to receive position notification emails or not.

Unregistered users may browse positions online only.

We understand that certain visitors may wish to have access to both sets of features; that is, they may wish to post positions and receive notifications of positions from others. For the purposes of clear separation of user types, users who wish to have access to both sets of features must register one account of each type. Note that the Username for your account must be unique (even if one account is an Employer account and one is a Freelancer account) but you may register one account of each type using the same email address.

To Register, please select an account type
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