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Default hey there, fellas!

Hello, everybody. My name is Jay. I'm a longtime member over at LinuxForums.org, and one of administrators on this and other sites.
The site owners have been looking for a way to not only make the site more active, but also make it a more pleasing place to visit for everyone in the open source community.
That being said, they have asked me if I would step in here to see if I could give any type of suggestions or (hopefully) helpful feedback. While I've not been a member of this particular Forum, this may help me to think outside the box.
Really, all we want to do is find a way to increase the overall experience of our community.

Since I am the new guy on the block, I'll just be a spectator for now and see what a new member would see.
I look forward to working with all of you.
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First thing I'd do is to remove some (or most, or all) of the ANNOYING advertisements.

We have a core group of guys that are answering questions - Heinke, Abeall, and many others. It would be good to grant some of them some sort of admin position.

Consider contests. Kiruppa has done that in the past.

Look at the direction Flash and ActionScript are going, mold the site's forums to that.

just my two cents

Behind The Screens
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Hi Jay

I check the forums pretty much everyday for opportunities to learn and help others. One thing I've noticed that seriously limits new members from obtaining help are the restrictions with regard to posting links and files.
This is fundamental to obtaining help and needs to be evaluated IMO. New members often find workarounds for these limitations, but it seems silly for them to have to jump through hoops in order to provide the information required to solve a problem.

Also, there has been a consistent problem with "keywords" on the site becoming underlined mouse-over hyperlinks to advertisements. Not sure what this advertising tech is actually called, but it sucks and needs to be fixed or removed.

Thanks, Snick
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AS2/3 Designer/Developer
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Virginia, Just south of the Potomac
Posts: 669

Nice! I'll second both of snicklfitz' suggestions. The keywords pop ups are absolutely annoying.

As for new posters posting links or uploading files, we should look into that closely. As the site has volume limits, it would be best to keep that in mind. I was wondering if we could make a file repository that allows registered users access to upload a file and download or view it. It may have to have limitations, say like 6 a month or a size/bandwidth limit...
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