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  1. Looking for AS3 developers interested in isometric game development...
  2. [JOB] Senior Flash Developer, Belmont, CA to 160k
  3. Flash Animator
  4. Freelancers
  5. Action Script Guru Needed for Passing Variables from files on Flash CD
  6. actionscript, php,mySQL programmer needed
  7. Help me finish the LAST thing that needs to be done on our site!
  8. Freelance Flash Designer/Developer Available
  9. As2 expert needed for hire
  10. Creative Code graduate opp - program for IPTV
  11. flash banner ad
  12. teach me platfrom game physics
  13. Researching project, looking for some AS coders to create some games
  14. [For Hire] Actionscript 3 Developer (technical not design)
  15. Freelance Flash Designer Needed
  16. We provide excellent software development outsourcing services
  17. making a flash document loop only 2x
  18. I wish to hire someone...
  19. Stalker Another Way. Looking for as 2.0 programmer
  20. Flash UI Developer, Delray, FL | 75-110k
  21. want to buy flash games
  22. [JOB] Flash Developers, NYC - Contract - Rate Open
  23. Senior Flex Architect, NYC | 120-140k
  24. [FOR HIRE] Flash Design / AS3 Development Guru
  25. ISO Interactive Team Available for Large Project
  26. Flex Developer, Parsippany, NJ (H1/Relo OK) to 90k
  27. Animator wanted for co-op project
  28. Papevision: Short Project
  29. Flash/A.S. on-line game developer needed.
  30. Research In Motion (RIM) is hiring a Flash Developer - Waterloo, ON
  31. Wanted: Flash developer to build forms
  32. [AS3] Big translation project
  33. Senior Flex UI Developer, NYC | 100-130k - Relo Ok
  34. Senior Flex Architect, NYC | 120-140k
  35. Looking for AS3 help. Paying project.
  36. is anyone looking for graphics designer / someone for laborious flash jobs?
  37. Looking for Online Flex Teachers
  38. [JOB] Sr. AS3 (Video) Developer - Rate: Open
  39. Spirit Wars Game Project. Actionscript game coder needed.
  40. Editorial D is looking for web games!
  41. Looking to Hire UI Freelancer
  42. someone would be willing to work with me on this project and charge me for the help/t
  43. looking for a haXe developer
  44. Graffiti Painting/Drawing Program Help
  45. Recruiter: Php, flash/flex, ui/ux
  46. looking for flash developers (non-profit project)
  47. [AS2][MMO] AnAccident~Hiring
  48. Straight Copy of Flash Website
  49. Partner Wanted
  50. Looking for Great Action Script Teachers
  51. Flash coder needed!
  52. Looking for a Flex programmer
  53. Looking for young developers
  54. need ringtone creator into a website
  55. We need online flash game expert.
  56. [JOB] UI Developers (2) in NYC | 80-120k
  57. [JOB] Flash Designer (2) in NYC | 80-120k
  58. Ilog/Flex project
  59. Simple Mod for Flash Template
  60. Flash Game Developers Needed
  61. Looking to collaborate?
  62. [JOB] Flex UI Engineer, NYC
  63. [Freelance] User Interface Designer
  64. Looking for an ActionScript Programmer
  65. [AS2] MP3 Player Job- Please read for details
  66. Flash Developer, Deerfield Beach, FL | 75-120k
  67. Need flash programmer
  68. looking for graphics work (and simple code) in flash
  69. Looking for flash gurus
  70. Looking for AS/PHP/mySQL programmer for kids' games
  71. Disney Online Studios looking for an ActionScript2 Programmer!
  72. Disney Online Studios looking for an ActionScript 3 programmer!
  73. Toy Studio looking for Game Developer!
  74. [JOB] Sr. Flash/AS3/LAMP Developer, NYC | 120-140k
  75. [FULLTIME] Flash Developer in Los Angeles (AS2/AS3)
  76. Flash Actionscript Racing Game
  77. Hiring: Freelance AS2 Developer
  78. Hiring Actionscript Developer
  79. Action script and server coder needed
  80. [FOR HIRE] Flash AS3 coder for custom CMSs, eStores and Database Apps.
  81. Flash Game Tester Wanted(Chicago)
  82. WTS: Flash Skeet Shooting Game
  83. Need: UI .net/Flash Developer - 4 + Months - Bridgewater, NJ 08807.
  84. Wordpress User Upload Plugin/Script
  85. Game Collaboration
  86. activeden.net collaboration
  87. didactic games wanted
  88. Anyone Flash/ AS3 Devs looking for work?
  89. actionscript expert or team
  90. I'm looking for a programmer online games .. ($500.cashu::),,
  91. [JOB] Mid-level Flex Developer, SF (SoMa)
  92. Help creating a flash presentention...i pay
  93. Looking to buy Flash games
  94. Wanted, Zombie themed Flash Games
  95. [JOB] Flash/AS3 Developer, Paramus, NJ
  96. Facebook Connect Specialist?
  97. htaccess redirect from non-www to www
  98. simple flash gallery edit job
  99. looking for call centers for our Internet (VoIP) phone services
  100. ATTN: Hiring Managers
  101. Senior Interactive Developer, NYC | 100-115k
  102. Senior Designer, NYC | 100-120k
  103. Artist seeking coder ( $$$ )
  104. Seeking Talented People.
  105. [AS2] Chatroulette
  106. Need a Flash Developer for small job
  107. Vacancy AS3 Expert
  108. [JOB] Lead Flex Developer in NYC (Relo OK) to 150k
  109. [JOB] RIA Development Engineer, San Francisco, CA to 150k
  110. Flash Designer/Developer, NYC | 80-120k
  111. Can you make this for me?
  112. Need help with project
  113. Invitación a desarrolladores hispanoparlantes
  114. Developer/partner needed for a very serious Flex 3 project.
  115. Flash games for sale
  116. Google Ad overlay plugin for JWPlayer
  117. London Creative Agency looking for a new developer
  118. [PAID] Hiring iPhone/Flash developer and 2D/3D Artist. On-going contract work.
  119. Auction Site for ActionScript Coders
  120. looking for graphics work and amatuer as2 code work in flash - good rates
  121. Sr. Flash/AS3 Developer, NYC | 100-150k
  122. Interactive Developer, Madison, WI - Relo OK
  123. Looking for Red5 consultant
  124. Looking for a Flash freelance developer for casual game
  125. [FPS] Tactical Assault (Tactical Ops 3) developers needed
  126. offering my services!
  127. Looking For Flash Animator/Designers and ActionScript 3.0 Programmers
  128. help with controlling a SWF via html
  129. Freelance Flash Designer
  130. Youtube type Flash Video Player
  131. Sr. Flash/AS3 Developer, NYC | 100-140k
  132. Need help on many projects
  133. My Escape Looking for Savvy Actionscript Coder for Casual Flash Game
  134. Looking for a pro to help hack some swf
  135. Need Coder, horror game collab $$$ split
  136. Looking for AS2/3 Coder for Flash Game
  137. Sr. PHP/AS3 Developer, Ventura, CA - Relo OK | 90-120k
  138. Sr. Flash Game Developer, Bay Area, CA | 100-150k
  139. Interactive Production Artist, 100% Telecommute | $600/day
  140. Need to create game where girl strips...
  141. Need AS3 programmer for Adult Game
  142. Need AS3 code to fix my site
  143. Paid freelance job. Need help with turn-based AS3 game.
  144. Need Freelance Help in AS3 or Flashbuilder
  145. Twitter Application
  146. Flash/Flex developer for browser-based game
  147. Looking for an artist for game
  148. Looking for Map Designer for Maze
  149. away3D and AS3 programmer needed
  150. need to hire freelancer to finish up action game
  151. Coder Needed to Begin MMOCC
  152. need as3 expert to set variables
  153. Full-time ActionScript 3 Game Programmer Needed in Austin, TX
  154. Does any of you know a good programer?
  155. Good Jnr AS3 Role - London
  156. I need graphic artist
  157. help developing a Flash display
  158. Web Development - Flash Programming
  159. I need Malaysia Action Script programmer
  160. Looking for job in Berlin
  161. Action Script 2 Coder needed
  162. seeking: los angeles flash freelancer
  163. Action Script Expert Needed
  164. Actionscript 3 and CS 5 programmers needed
  165. Looking for Game Developer
  166. Photo Masking ala Jib-Jab link: www.Tikiwolf.com/ecards
  167. Toronto based software firm seeks AS3/Flash/Game developers immediately!
  168. XIFF / JABBER / GTALK connection - I'm looking for a developer
  169. animator needed
  170. Vine Label Maker
  171. need programmer to finish off a game (90% complete) good $$$!
  172. [JOB] UI/Flex Developer, Freemont, CA | 100-130k
  173. Flex developer looking for work
  174. Expert Flash Developer wanted (Freelance job)
  175. Math Expert.
  176. $50 for who ever translates this to as3
  177. who/ can help develop a highly interactive flash-based web application?
  178. Game Optimization
  179. Opening for Game Developer at OMGPOP, full time or contract
  180. Need Interactive Programmer - Flash Actionscript (Entry Level)
  181. RPG-style text based game
  182. Looking for a actionscript pro for a Web Radio/Player
  183. AS3/Red5 dev looking for freelance work
  184. Looking for freelance flash game developer
  185. Flash Designers Wanted
  186. Tough one.. only pro's please. AS2 template mod
  187. Need a 3d artist who is familiar with 3ds max
  188. looking for a thread to hire someone
  189. Flash Game Developer Needed
  190. Looking for an AS3-programmer
  191. Sr. ActionScript programmers!
  192. Looking For Flash Programmer for a New Indie Game
  193. Looking for any level 3DS Max artist.
  194. flash game developer needed
  195. AS3 Games Projects
  196. Flash Dev Needed Today to Create Simple Video Ad
  197. Looking for Actionscript Coder - Short project - Paid
  198. ActionScript Help - Will Pay
  199. Need A Training Game Designed / Programmed
  200. Modify existing AS3 site
  201. Shoutcast
  202. Need to develop a simple pacman game
  203. £100 - Flash animation needed
  204. Looking for flash multi-player game developer
  205. Need a Tutor!
  206. Looking for talented Flash/Actionscript coder to join browser based RPG project!
  207. Small cleanup job on AS3 .m4a player
  208. Need someone to write a little game $$
  209. [Urgent & Paid] AS2 to AS3 conversion task
  210. 2d side-view Multiplayer game
  211. Agency / Gallery Site
  212. performance tests
  213. Need Advanced flash programmer for hire
  214. [JOB] Flash and/or Flex Developer - NYC, but mostly Telecommute
  215. [JOB] Flex Developer w/LiveCycle Exp, NYC
  216. Looking for experienced flash Developer, PV3D + php
  217. Hiring Baltimore Flash/Red5 Developer
  218. Hiring for development of a photo gallery.
  219. Looking for Flex/AIR developer (paid job)
  220. TD Level Designer needed $300
  221. [JOB] Flex Developer w/Financial Services exp, NYC
  222. [JOB] 2 F/T Flex Roles in NYC (Financial Services)
  223. Uk based animators and illustrators read this
  224. Need Ipad App Developer
  225. Flash template help
  226. fleshtheworld - Looking for a Programmer (No Pay)
  227. Livestream broadcast for playlist of video files
  228. Sound Board
  229. Need Windows Mobile App Developer
  230. Flash Programmer Needed for Intro Page
  231. Replacement Flash Actionscript 3 Programmer Needed
  232. [PAID] Programmer needed.
  233. Do you need assistance filling your job?
  234. Ongoing work - Can't handle alone - Need teammate - Ongoing Pay
  235. AlivePDF - Paid gig PLS Help.
  236. Flex developers for german agencys wanted
  237. PacMan Game with motion detect
  238. Dungeon Keepers 3 *type game (I NEED A TEAM)
  239. flash graphic/animation designer needed
  240. Flash player on a web page that can record
  241. Web Developer/Designer seeking contract/work
  242. Help w/deploying application in red5 webapps directory
  243. Wanted to get some experience (looking for hobby game making team)
  244. Flex developer (m/f) for web-to-print project in Hamburg - Germany wanted - permanent
  245. Flash Developer (AS2/3)
  246. help coming up with projects for a Flash Design portfolio...
  247. Possible Flash As3 project job opportunity
  248. Need simple AS file
  249. Need an Actionscript 3.0 trainer (prefer swedish) PAID
  250. tweaking an SWF