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  1. [AS2] Collision Detection Issue
  2. [AS3] GetNearestObject?
  3. [AS2] momentum effect
  4. [AS2] yspeed and xspeed relevent to degree rotation
  5. [AS3] Score problem
  6. [AS2] I would like to know if someone had a tutorial for this kind of games or could
  7. [AS2] Can someone teach me how to do crossword puzzle game?
  8. [AS3] RPG movement
  9. [AS3] Problem with destroy timer
  10. [AS2] Circular hit tests
  11. [AS3] Problem with highscores
  12. [AS2] onpress nested buttons
  13. [AS3] How to make a game run correctly on restart?
  14. [AS3] Scrolling Game Issues
  15. [AS2] Resetting the physics
  16. [AS2] attachMovie
  17. [AS2] Question about movement
  18. [AS2] _root.x = _root.enemy._x; - What's wrong?
  19. [AS3] Reset Button For Game
  20. [AS2] 2D RPG game help
  21. [AS3] Creating more collision detection
  22. [AS3] LocalToGlobal for turret inside of a ship
  23. Mp3 Licensing
  24. when you play the game and the time is up. The Faces still Spawn
  25. Is there a line of code I could cut and paste into my games to dissallow them to be p
  26. [AS3] make movieclip move to random locations on stage
  27. [share] My practice game : LongShinTa 龍型塔
  28. [AS2] spelling game help
  29. flash game
  30. question about copyrighting your game
  31. [AS2] User Balance
  32. [AS3] Making All Objects in an array invisible
  33. RPG Game Centered Character
  34. [AS3] game help
  35. [AS3] Game Structure
  36. An actionscript game.
  37. [AS3] Start button
  38. [AS2] different styled rpg battle system
  39. [AS3] Multiple enemies, extend class and error 1024?
  40. [AS3] help with enemy animation sequence
  41. [AS3] Making swf to run faster
  42. [AS3] make a "heat-seeking" missile work
  43. [AS2] enemy bullet movieclip won't attach
  44. Zoomed, Snapped to grid is off
  45. how to make certain type of enemies appear at a certain time/position?
  46. [AS3] Getting play button to play a movieclip then move forward in the main timeline
  47. [AS3] Inventory system
  48. cs4 IK or ragdoll ??
  49. [AS3] Bitmap hitest problem.
  50. [AS3] Moving MC with arrow keys for game
  51. [AS2] flash platformer inside button game - idk how to reset platformer
  52. [AS3] Gun rotation according to mouse
  53. [AS2] angle
  54. SmartFox Server for Flash AS3
  55. Getting started with SmartFox
  56. [AS3] hitTestObject with Array Tiles
  57. [AS2] problem how to transfer a variable incoporate in the script
  58. [AS2] Depth
  59. Game : #bike-game #racer
  60. [AS2] How to deal a deck of cards?
  61. [AS3] Physics based character Arms
  62. [AS3] Need book(?) recommendations
  63. Character Interaction?
  64. [AS2] Hittest once again
  65. [AS3] Shoot towards mouse?
  66. Character Movement issue.
  67. In need of organaztion! D:
  68. Retry
  69. My First Game!
  70. [AS2] My game
  71. [AS3] mouse click event will not work
  72. [AS3] Proble with gotoAndPlay()
  73. Best method of side scrolling?
  74. Need some game thoughts
  75. [AS2] High score table using arrays
  76. [AS2] Counter and score
  77. [AS3] cannot reference stage from movieclip
  78. [AS3] Which is faster - SharedObject or XMLSocket?
  79. HitTest wall and stop player
  80. [AS2] Splice
  81. [AS2] Firing gun help
  82. [AS3] Making a menu for a game with all objects drawn on with code
  83. [AS3] Creating a random number generator
  84. [AS3] Timer Problems/ on timer completion
  85. [AS3] Collision side detection
  86. Multiplayer game: FLEX or FLASH
  87. [AS2] Wall action script?
  88. [AS3] Game Won't Work in Browser
  89. actions menu help
  90. [AS3] Cant Make things appear AFTER preloader
  91. [AS3] Geometry for 2d Games
  92. [AS2] Move a character to where you click
  93. [AS2] platform game
  94. [AS2] Rounding up a number variable
  95. [AS3] LoD Game Library
  96. [AS2] Creating a simple game using keyframes for levels; player not moving to new sta
  97. [AS3] OrientToBezier Problem
  98. [AS2] platformer jump help
  99. Sound Effects
  100. [AS2] onLoadError doesn't trigger online
  101. [AS2] Killing a Target (Zombies)
  102. [AS2] code to add something after something happens?
  103. [AS2] arrays and enemies
  104. [AS2] Referencing closest enemy to a friendly AI
  105. [AS2] Reduce Lag Help
  106. [AS3] Rotate Turret based on Mouse Position
  107. [AS3] Rank players by score (complex sort?)
  108. [AS2] Dead character!
  109. Space Bar Game
  110. Help with a maze game
  111. How to write a level
  112. how to keep items in the inventory during camera movement?
  113. [AS3] Who wants To be A Millionaire Flash game
  114. Platformer side scroll glitch - cant figure out what is causing ghost surfaces?
  115. [AS3] trying to make a character jump on to a platform
  116. [AS3] Shooting an arrow
  117. [AS2] Game engine help
  118. Player Jump
  119. [AS3] Trying to create a score system
  120. [AS2] Pop up inventory using "i" button
  121. [AS3] Bullet, Enemy hittesting
  122. [AS3] game scrolling
  123. [AS2] hitTest help
  124. [AS2] Drawing Lines Behind MCs
  125. [AS2] Streetfighter type game help
  126. Learning Flash games from scratch
  127. [AS3] Platform Game Ramp
  128. [AS3] chasing game
  129. [AS2] How to make other characters follow the mc
  130. AS2 game to AS3 Help?
  131. [AS3] help shooting in the direction of the mouse
  132. [AS3] hitTest problem
  133. [AS2] moving movieclip in oval path
  134. [AS2] swapping instances (character for game)
  135. [AS2] Attaching Movieclips
  136. [AS3] how to change properties/layout of game
  137. [AS3] Pendlum physics
  138. [AS3] Random horse races
  139. [AS2] hitTest won't trigger game-over
  140. [AS2] bow & arrow
  141. [AS3] shooting game help
  142. [AS3] score not appearing
  143. [AS3] Making First Flash Game
  144. [AS2] Making a skill system
  145. [AS3] Hit collision issues caused by screen scrolling
  146. [AS3] air resistance.
  147. [AS3] Frame work for Flash Games Development
  148. [AS2] Racing Game
  149. [AS3] Keyboard & Mouse Events
  150. [AS3] Efficient method for player graphic changes
  151. [AS2] random timer used in game
  152. [AS2] Flash Sound is Overlapping
  153. [AS3] Managing character animation states (yet again)
  154. [AS2] if.instance.frame(2)?
  155. [AS2] Turn based combat
  156. [AS2] "For" loops slowing down game
  157. Pong game
  158. [AS3] Bullet Firing
  159. [AS2] join movieclips
  160. help in making the character stop moving
  161. [AS2] Dynamic array problem
  162. [AS2] If/hittest help!
  163. [AS2] Join two movieclips constantly
  164. [AS3] Shooting Bullets
  165. Flash Final Fantasy
  166. [AS3] Game Design Question
  167. [AS3] Monster AI in Dungeons
  168. [AS3] accelerated movement
  169. [AS3] Balance Game like iphone feature
  170. [AS3] Level Difficulty - Matching Game
  171. [AS2] Entire stage vanishes
  172. [AS2] AI Follow Agro Range?
  173. [AS2] Platform Game - killing enemy help?
  174. What all is expected of a game?
  175. MovieClips of hero, and others
  176. [AS2] Shooting while moving diagonally problem
  177. [AS3] display object container speed problem
  178. beat em up enemy ai design
  179. [AS3] whenever I return to frame 1, all of the things that have happened are reset
  180. [AS3] Game restart help
  181. [AS3] hittest problem
  182. [AS3] Random Bullets
  183. [AS3] Nert Card Game - variation of Solitaire
  184. [AS3] Flash Game
  185. [AS2] camera snap
  186. [AS3] Space Invaders + classes
  187. [AS3] Looping through array for collision
  188. [AS3] movieclip character animation troubles
  189. [AS3] Problem with subclasses
  190. [AS3] Randomly generating tile-based map
  191. [AS3] Weapon Objects
  192. [AS2] Piercing Missiles
  193. [AS3] Chess game
  194. [AS2] Collisions
  195. [AS3] Word search and crossword puzzles
  196. [AS3] Collision
  197. flash simulation xml
  198. [AS3] Logic problem: Getting a marker to follow off screen objects
  199. [AS3] enemy spawn and main menu
  200. [AS2] Bullets
  201. [AS3] Stuck with particular time-based hero's movement
  202. [AS3] code for "laser beam"
  203. Button Combos for attacks? Any coding suggestions?
  204. [AS2] Rotation and shooting towards mouse.
  205. [AS3] Bullet Shooter Problem
  206. [AS3] Brick placement in break out
  207. Game developing project in flex
  208. [AS3] Breakout Game Problem
  209. [AS2] Spawn more enemies
  210. [AS2] How to make score storage for a game
  211. [AS3] Shooting system
  212. [AS2] Help with game over script
  213. Related to game developing
  214. [AS2] Snake game help
  215. Vertical Movement Platformer
  216. [AS2] Help with 2D fighting Engine
  217. [AS3] Error #2007, Sucking the life out of me
  218. [AS3] Collision between classes
  219. Making fire trail out a movieclip
  220. [AS3] Help with game sprite movement
  221. [AS2] Help with a text game
  222. [AS3] Flash poker code?
  223. [AS2] text based mmorpg game
  224. [AS2] flash memory game and database
  225. [AS2] Pool game show direction...
  226. [AS3] Frames seem to ignore what I'm telling them
  227. maximum number of movie clip instances in a movie
  228. [AS3] Button combo attack system
  229. [AS2] no errors in the actionscript, yet part of it isn't working
  230. [AS3] Best way to store map data
  231. [AS2] jigsaw puzzle game
  232. [AS1] Kingdom hearts flash game help
  233. [AS2] Help in Spot the Difference Game
  234. [AS2] Game score
  235. [AS2] loadMovie help
  236. [AS2] Flash MX sending positions (mmorpg)
  237. [AS3] Can you interrupt a tween? Trying to create a interactive pan
  238. [AS3] Hit Testing Methods
  239. [AS3] how to use mouse.click to fire weapon in mc?
  240. [AS3] gravity help
  241. Rotation help
  242. [AS3] starfield help
  243. [AS2] moving a mc within a boundry
  244. [AS3] building soccer- penalty game
  245. [AS3] simple action - reaction question
  246. [AS3] Problem with getting enemies to follow a player
  247. Developer Tools/Programs?
  248. Advertising an online game
  249. A decompiled AS files throw syntax errors
  250. [AS2] collision detection problem in Flash