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  1. [AS3] How do I redraw an object before calling another function?
  2. [AS3] calling an object that doesn't exist
  3. [AS3] Error #2134: Cannot create SharedObject: Help
  4. Question about timed enemy spawning
  5. [AS2] Catch Game help
  6. [AS3] Pacman - Eating Dots help
  7. [AS3] Jumping and landing animation issue
  8. [AS2] attach._x += 10 not working
  9. [AS2] help with hitTest
  10. [AS2] inside movie clip problem
  11. [AS3] need advice on removing something from the stage
  12. [AS3] hitTestObject / hitTestPoint not working sometimes
  13. [AS3] "null" written inside a dynamic text.
  14. [AS3] Collision; what`s the problem??
  15. [AS2] Problem in some kind of puzzle game
  16. [AS3] Minesweeper (2)
  17. [AS3] collision detection on multiple instances of an array?
  18. Help with platform game
  19. [AS2] help in destroying blocks when shot
  20. [AS3] Thinking Performance!
  21. [AS3] Controlling Stage
  22. [AS3] frame-based counter problem
  23. [AS2] Time Variable question
  24. [AS3] adding code to animation using existing classes
  25. [AS3] MouseOver Problems
  26. [AS3] Can't Shoot while moving
  27. [AS2] jumping on a slope
  28. [AS3] Sniper Scope Zoom and Pan?
  29. [AS3] real-time variables
  30. [AS3] Anyone good with math?
  31. [AS3] addChild through class
  32. [AS3] Snake game and projection mapping
  33. [AS3] How to do waypoints for a tower defense game?
  34. [AS2] Problems with walls in my flash game
  35. [AS2] Power up spawn
  36. [AS3] Updating a int variable
  37. where can i find graphics for flash
  38. [AS3] Changing Display List on the Fly
  39. [AS2] is it possible _root to another frame?
  40. Isometric Layout
  41. [AS3] Error #1180: Call to a possibly undefined method
  42. [AS2] Score and saving it to TXT help
  43. [AS3] Dress up game help
  44. New game design, not sure where to begin, I would really appreciate your help.
  45. [AS2] Enemy explosion question
  46. [AS2] help with making an inventory
  47. [AS3] when the player hits either one they are taken to the 3rd frame
  48. [AS3] Help in truck Movement
  49. Is it legal to make Flash games that copy celebrities, popular TV quizzes or other ga
  50. [AS2] Embedding AdSense or Similar in Flash Games
  51. Help making object fall
  52. [AS3] Game help
  53. [AS3] games for Facebook
  54. [AS3] Enemy AI tutorial?
  55. [AS3] Flash Client to Socket Server
  56. [AS3] Colliding/Resetting Rocket Launch Game
  57. [AS3] better way to work with the movie clip that is inserted in the function "player
  58. [AS3] Dividing Sprite Sheets
  59. Mobile Game Development in Flash
  60. Isometric ratio for a square ? 1:2 or 1:1.73
  61. [AS3] Text based action adventure
  62. Help with my Spider Solitaire layout
  63. [AS3] Hit detection
  64. [AS3] MochiAds Problem
  65. [AS3] How do I rotate and make my laser move diagonal based on the rotation of the pl
  66. [AS3] Game Resetting/Start Over
  67. [AS2] have the character land on the ground and jump
  68. [AS3] Platform Game: Better Response from Keypresses
  69. Transitioning/Linking Player Animation States (2D Sidescroller)
  70. [AS3] Most efficient way to make a side scroller
  71. [AS2] game where the player has to type the right word into a text box
  72. [AS2] Optimizing flash game
  73. [AS3] making the floor move instead of the player
  74. [AS3] character wall glitch
  75. [AS3] Problems flipping character horizontally
  76. value type of ._alpha
  77. [AS3] How to pass parameter to an external swf?
  78. [AS3] My Truck doesn't move
  79. [AS3] Random Ground Generation
  80. I am developing an Artificial Intelligence Library. Interested?
  81. [AS3] more dynamic code
  82. Consistant Directional Speed OverHeadPlay
  83. [AS3] Cannot make a character move
  84. [AS3] help to do Dirt Bike game using Box2d
  85. [AS3] Making a character jump
  86. [AS3] Drag objects to multiple targets
  87. [AS3] Droptarget in AS3
  88. [AS3] arcade flash game help
  89. [AS3] Dirt Bike Game
  90. [AS3] Mode 7 usage in Side Scroller
  91. [AS3] Problem with creating conditions in game
  92. [AS3] Movement Delay With Key Detection
  93. [AS3] converting keyboard to onscreen buttons...
  94. How to access the value of the array is sent from php?
  95. PushButton Engine vs RobotLegs
  96. [AS2] flash game (drag and drop)
  97. [AS2] Matching Card game
  98. Accessing stage through a class from a addeventlistener .
  99. [AS3] multiple keyPress nonDetection - tried solution given-no go..
  100. [AS3] walking on slope with real gravity
  101. how to plug the movieclip on the slot?
  102. [AS3] flash car racing game help
  103. 2 player game
  104. [AS3] 1061 & 1067 errors
  105. [AS3] Two Problems with a game I'm making
  106. [AS3] Incorporating timer in game, from another as3 file.
  107. [AS3] Battle Screen -Best Way?(Short)
  108. [AS3] lineto() is moving around the stage
  109. [AS2] Pacman Ghost
  110. [AS2] Dress up snowman game help
  111. [AS3] My Sprite is Moving to the right
  112. [AS3] Having trouble with bullets and enemies
  113. [AS2] Enemy_mc detection
  114. Hero/Character sprite size compared to tiles?
  115. [AS2] Storing Results
  116. [AS3] Problems with jumping
  117. [AS3] Spawning enemies on both side of screen
  118. Bacground and Stage question
  119. free use audio libraries?
  120. [AS3] removeChild troubles
  121. [AS3] Array help storing variable of abilities /card game
  122. [AS3] maze symbol
  123. [AS2] Coding problems
  124. [AS3] when the first game cover leaves the stage, all other covers disappear as well
  125. [AS3] hitTestPoint() not working in Browser
  126. [AS2] how to get a character to spawn at a certain spot on a frame
  127. Whats the average frame rate for Flash games?
  128. How to make it possible for two people to play something like quiz on one PC with key
  129. [AS2] super mario bros
  130. Event Listener doesn't remove
  131. [AS3] adding game to seperate start screen
  132. [AS3] MovieClip and timer
  133. [AS3] Avatar Creater
  134. Submit your games to MyPlayYard
  135. [AS3] Help with pong game
  136. [AS3] Adding second ball to pong
  137. [AS3] drag and drop game help
  138. [AS3] hitetest point for archery game help
  139. [AS3] Problem with hit test, ball and maze game
  140. [AS3] Enemy management
  141. [AS3] Best Multi Player Backend option
  142. Map Management
  143. [AS3] game over doesn't display
  144. Get the name and coordinates of the center of the movieclip
  145. [AS3] Gesture problems
  146. keyboardEvent not working external swf
  147. [AS3] collision wall: how to disable direction
  148. [AS2] hitTest and Array help
  149. [AS2] Sound doesn't stop playing
  150. [AS3] best mechanism of restarting a level?
  151. [AS3] Collision and Movement problems
  152. [AS3] Better Hit Test system - BitmapData?
  153. [AS2] How to start to make a flash game?
  154. [AS2] sendAndLoad in flash version 7
  155. [AS3] helicopter help
  156. help with hanging mobile game
  157. How to create multi-player game?
  158. [AS2] trigger the letter inside the words?
  159. [AS3] Game loop, how to pause a loop?
  160. [AS3] play again / removeChild
  161. [AS3] How to subtract a life when a character dies?
  162. [AS3] Best way of handling object creation each level
  163. [AS2] Problem Map
  164. [AS2] Fire a Projectile
  165. [AS3] Can my object hit the HitTestObject and activate a new frame?!
  166. [AS2] Drag and drop game question?
  167. [AS2] Lag in my game
  168. [AS3]Basic Scrolling help
  169. [AS3] Flash game Score issues
  170. [AS2] hitTest doesn't work when shooting bullets
  171. [AS3] Jumping with my gravity code I made
  172. How to hide dialogbox settmgr_locsecy_en_author?
  173. [AS2] help understanding these codes
  174. [AS3] trying to make an AI for match-3 puzzle
  175. [AS3] Problems with hitTestPoint & hitTestObject
  176. [AS3] Help with HitTestPoint for buttons.
  177. [AS3] Gravity increasing in game help
  178. How to make chat with php and flash?
  179. [AS3] Touch screen Game
  180. Adding time to a timer/counter...
  181. [AS2] Deleting actionscript created movie clips
  182. [AS3] Word Search
  183. [AS2] Make item limited time
  184. [AS3] How to create progress bar arc?
  185. [AS3] Collision Detection not working
  186. [AS2] Level selection
  187. [AS3] How to restart or replay a game ?
  188. [AS3] to make functions fire at random
  189. [AS3] Solid platforms
  190. [AS3] Statistics for a Flash Game (question)
  191. [AS3] Text Game proj help
  192. [AS3] help with timers?
  193. [AS3] Trouble getting Trigonometry right
  194. make movieclip direction road for soldier
  195. [AS3] help with score counter
  196. [AS3] Pushbutton Engine
  197. [AS3] Paddle/Pong Type Game Lags - Need to Optimize Code?
  198. [AS3] Avatar Creation and movieclip storage
  199. [AS2] Hit test
  200. [AS3] A lot of problems with my flash game
  201. [AS2] Multiple keypress problem
  202. [AS3] TypeError: Error #1009 No clue what's wrong?
  203. [AS3] pause a game without having to code every object in the game
  204. [AS3] Drag and drop quiz
  205. [AS3] Platformer physics?
  206. [AS2] hitTest help
  207. [AS3] Random word puzzle help
  208. [AS3] Loading Variables from a .as file
  209. [AS3] Simple Time and Date function for a game (issue)
  210. Movieclip within movieclip
  211. [AS3] Change Position
  212. [AS3] Game at campsite (images included)
  213. [AS3] New to flashgames, where's the problem(s) in my code?
  214. Beginning to program games, advice on learning resources
  215. [AS3] shooter game help
  216. [AS3] help debuging a game
  217. [AS3] Character doesn't move in game
  218. [AS3] Duckhuntgame: Problems moving movieclip
  219. [AS3] access unidentified property help
  220. [AS3] Help with card game
  221. Graphics for games.
  222. [AS3] Game spacebar press loop
  223. Button with mvie clip in it.
  224. [AS3] Event.COMPLETE triggers too late to be useful
  225. [AS2] What does it mean?
  226. [AS2] Bullet Lines?
  227. fighting/physics game
  228. [AS3] change face of enemy
  229. [AS3] Getting Error #2007
  230. [AS2] avatar that faces the position of the cursor and follows a walking loop
  231. [AS3] Any tutorial for game development?
  232. [AS3] help converting these AS1 codes to AS3?
  233. [AS3] I dont understand why my code isn't working.
  234. [AS3] Object Disappear and add score when moved over?
  235. [AS3] TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
  236. Object appear random even so many seconds.
  237. [AS3] collision detection help
  238. [AS3] posible to create a game like this using AS3 and adobe flash CS5 only?
  239. [AS3] To Make a Game as LineBirds
  240. many game questions
  241. [AS3] using a button to move character around.
  242. [AS2] help with my game
  243. [AS2] Key Listener works only on keys W, U, D, G and X
  244. Dynamically Changing the Fill Color of an Animated Character?
  245. [AS3] Blitting a tile to a sprite class problem
  246. [AS3] Random spawn help
  247. [AS2] Simple Dating Sim Game Help?
  248. online games
  249. [AS3] Advice for Educational game
  250. [AS3] grid - making each object wait before clicking