View Full Version : can u tell ANOTHER LOADED MOVIE "target"? (again)

12-31-2000, 02:14 AM
dear anyone,
i have this problem:
i know how to load movies and level them... but i don't know HOW to call or target (or whatever it may be) a frame in a certain loaded movie from another movie.

i have a loaded movie for menu (level 0)
i have a loaded movie for credits (level 1)
i have a loaded movie for sources (level 1)
i know that when one is loaded in the same level, the other one unloads, as expected.

i have buttons in menu.swf that would load credits.swf and sources.swf > get it? The problem is, i want to have each movie in level 1 to have a fade effect when each unloads. I THOUGHT OF LABELLING A FRAME IN THE MOVIES IN LEVEL 1 THAT WOULD BE USED BY "tell target" in the buttons in my MENU.SWF. It didn't work... Are there alternative means? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-01-2001, 11:14 PM
You can put the fade effect in the swf and on it's last frame put;

Load Movie(loader,1)

For your buttons on level 0 put;

Begin Tell Target ("_level 1")
Set variable: "loader" = "credits.swf"
End Tell Target

Now when the fade ends your var. will hold the name of the next swf to be loaded and it will load and 'kick out' the current one. mgb