View Full Version : First Flash Site... need a good check.

03-16-2001, 06:24 PM
O.k. This is my first full flash site. It is a self promo for our company Matheson Media Corporation. I don't have the form working yet or the sound on/off toggle working, but everything else seems to be working great on my pc and mac here at the office. Tips, comments I welcome anything and everything. Thanks again.

-MMC Staff


03-16-2001, 06:51 PM
hey there...nice site...

the only thing i noticed was the arrow button (for the menu on right) is only active for the actual white arrow... that's a small button! it took a few clicks to hit it but thats not really a problem.

it loaded quickly and ran smooth... even the alpha text.

my specs:

640k dsl
PIII 500
nVidia TNT2 16mb
1024 res.
IE 5.5/Flash5

nice site, good pallet, smooth running!

03-16-2001, 07:26 PM
That's great! Beleive me, you could have told me worse. I'm glad you like it. Check back soon, I should have the sound toggle and form working.

-MMC Staff

03-16-2001, 10:31 PM
Okay i liked it. There are some issues though.

1. As in the pev. post, i found the arrow to be pretty small and somewhat hard to click, however, this is a minor issue. On to the big thing.

2. Well i'll start off by saying you seem to have avoided the "button hunt" style layout which is very comendable. (by "button hunt" i mean the flash pages that have buttons as non-intuitive shapes and in non-intuitive places, an occurance that is all to common) However, unless you are going to add functionality to this later, i would say you have made a minor slip into the "flash for flashes sake mindset". What i'm talking about is 'what is that arrow for anyway?'. I tryed it, at first, thinking it would give me a better veiw of the text. instead, the text disapeared as well as the nav. buttons. what does this serve to acomplish anyway? As far as i can tell there is no point in what happens there. Really this is a minor point and you will certainly be able to get away with it. (we have all seen "award winning" sites with much more... well stuff with no point to it)

3. the only other (minor) issue is when the sub menue window comes up it might be nice to have some content already in it. Like maybe the first thing on the menue or something. the space just looks a little empty.

4. things i love: the general design! pat yourself on the back! everything fits. and it is more remincent of vallum than many of the "cracked out speed monkey" designs of the day. Good job over all!