View Full Version : http://www.myrworld.com I was wondering what everyone thought.

03-18-2001, 09:32 PM
As I said, I would like to know what everyone's thoughts or ideas where in relation to my new site which is accessible via either http://www.myrworld.com or directly accessible via http://www.atomichosting.net/~rworld . All thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Ralph M.

03-19-2001, 03:07 PM
your site is nice, good work and what is most important - you move to the right direction! in many cases flash designers just expose their skills and forget the functionality that is no.1 for the visitor.(i have discovered this lately myshelf, trying to improve!)
pls. do not misunderstood me: if the following seems rather critical, it's because i took the time to analyse your site and this is, because i liked it ).
1.r-word menu and s-word menu drop open and do not close some times, hard to read the text behind it.
2.drag menu- when "mouse over" it is impossible to read popup txt because cursor covers it.
3.why so many menus - in my personal opinion, visitor must know where he stands from the first glimpse to the site, and when easy to navigate - voila!
4.rounded corners need a cleanup
5.the counter shows 2204 & upper right corner you say 3000 visitors. nowadays it is a widely approved practice to hide your counter (if not possible, try keep a low profile)

once again - waiting your next sitecheck - you have "it"
keep going and best luck from me!