View Full Version : sound in netscape-movie on pc ???

03-18-2001, 09:46 PM
hello and thank you.
i have a sound on/off button in my pages and everything's working fine in ie but in netscape the sound isn't streaming in, the
button loads to read sound on which is right since the music is off but when you click the button... no sound. any ideas? here is a
page you can look at:
also, on the same site, page:
http://www.marketstreetbrewery.com/frint.html i am getting a white square box in lieu of my movie. i turned off
transparent/windowless in publish settings and that may have corrected it but i'm working on a mac and would greatly appreciate
it if you could let me know how it's viewing now, that is if you are using pc. thank you again for your time, addison