View Full Version : SWF to Screensaver for Macs

05-11-2006, 07:07 PM
I have a PC Screensaver (built from an SWF) which uses an Extrenal (loaded from the web) SWF and XML feeds for content.

I want to make it for a Mac (either making it on a mac, or on a PC for a mac ... either way). I'm stuck. iScreensaver, SWF2Screen and others simply don't work properly ... either they don't connect to the web, or they don't allow interactivity, etc.

What's important? That (i) the screensaver can be dynamic (connect to the internet); (ii) that the user can click and open up a web-page.

I'm stuck, and I'm after any help - particularly from Mac Flash users.

Be great if you can help!!! I've wasted HOURs on this, and am wasting a few Mac users time too testing the damn things :-(



If you're curious to see it and have a PC, then visit this page : http://focus.msn.de/digital/pc/bildschirmschoner_aid_20632.html and click "Gratis Download" in the central column.

OR ,,,, you can preview the Screensaver (Mac or PC) in your browser here : http://focus.msn.de/testfiles/alistair/for_transfer/