View Full Version : Help!! Standalone Projector Problems!!!

04-02-2002, 12:53 AM

I cant figure this out---

I made an .swf file on the _root level that loads in _level1 swf files. It works perfectly. Now, when I publish that very same .fla file into a Mac standalone projector it starts doing weird things:

1> I had buttons in the _root .swf that would play on the _level1 .swfs. Once it becomes a projector it doesnt put these buttons on the _level1 swfs.

2> I want to be able to kill the music from the _level1 swfs but the projector file doesnt respond to _root or tell target commands. (It DID as an .swf, but it DOESNT as a projector)

3> At the end of the projector file (when it loads in the first _level1 file), the screen gets some weird spike (like an FSCommand (quit) was issued. It DIDNT do that when it was originally a .swf file!

I have searched Macromedia's web site for glitches or problems with mac projectors, but theres nothing there thats anything like the problems Im having.

Is there some major issue when using a standalone projector file that prevents it from talking to lower levels? (And them talking back to it)????