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04-09-2002, 01:09 PM

What's with the fonts? What's with the fonts and the components? It's not good. Macromedia has launched MX way to early! You can use components, but you can not exactly make this usefull! Why? Well you can use it on the stage, but as soon as you are using it inside other components, which would make it so powerfull, MX experiencing major mail functions...elements dissapear, components change size, text vanishes...and so on.
Okay let's embed the fonts. No can't do. You are in more troubles than you begin with. Don't even think of loading data externally for your akward components, because it will be one blurry mess!
Now..the best solution is to build your own components sorta flash 'beans'. But the power that these 'beans' have, in conjunction with the time you have to spend making it, is not worth a try. I'll stick with the better goods.

So instead of having this enormous figth...You just don't buy MX! This trial period has learned me one thing. Macromedia MX is way not mature enough to build real dynamic web applications. You are better of with Java. period.


04-10-2002, 07:13 AM
I agree with you, components are bad stuff, but they are made to get in to flash more people (flash newbies), but flash MX is a great tool for web developement, that is...if you like or know how to code your own stuff...and that leads to make more money.

i guess not many good websites/flash developers will be using components (not the ones included with flash anyway) that can be as "everybody wearing the same clothes, walking the same ways, dreaming the same dreams(even knowing that you can make skins for them, components are that, components)... don't think so!!!

And anyway, if you know Java, you are more than half way to know Flash MX Actionscript:)...take the next steps.


05-24-2002, 06:03 PM
I am actually facing the same problem (i.e. unable to place components within components). I tried to place a combobox within a movie clip that I then put into a scrollpane. And I basically experienced what you said - the combobox would not work correctly and any addition text I included disappeared. Do you know if Macromedia has any information about this on their website?