View Full Version : XML based flash portfolio

06-27-2006, 08:16 AM

I am attempting to make a portfolio to put on CD rom to send out with my resume (to try and get a job). heres a brief description - the attached zip will help explain.

this portfolio will show my websites, graphics, awards, and publications. i have created a xml file (see attached zip) which describes each portfolio entry using unique tags (i use CDATA to render as html).

The image attached explains what i am trying to achieve. when the portfolio opens the user will select which section they which to view: websites, graphics, awards, or publications.
when the user clicks on a section such as websites, a screen will now briefly display each entry in that section in a scrollable pane- showing the thumbnail, title, and year. then if the user clicks on an individual entry a new screen will display a more detailed view, including an image, title, year, url, and description.

This will be a first for me so i'm hoping to get some help, examples, etc, anything that can support me in this task. any help is much appreciated. i thought maybe someones done something similar. im also sure such an example would be useful to many other people.