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07-13-2006, 06:38 PM
Need Design Minded Freelance Flasher

We are a small Seattle based award winning branding agency that is looking for a talented freelance flash / actionscripter that understands traditional design principles. We are growing more and more every year, and would like to find someone who we would like to work on some cool projects and grow along with us.

You can learn more about us and the work we do at: www.urbaninfluence.com

We need a flash/actionscripter who can:
-Communicate Professionally and Regularly
-Meet their deadlines
-Work with a design team
-Make responsible decisions and use common sense
-Understand traditional design fundamentals

We have worked with several flash contractors in the past and many have needed micromanaged in regards to making common sense decisions and paying attention to the details when concerning typography, alignment, composition, etc. Most times you will be provided with design concepts, specs and/or story boards.

Additionally we are all very passionate and dedicated to our work and expect the people we work with to be as well. This means communicating professionally and often, meeting your deadlines (we live and die by them), and maintaining a professional attitude in all regards.

If you are looking to do some great work from a growing company and feel you meet or excede our requirements please send portfolio samples, capabilities, hourly rate and contact info to [email protected]