View Full Version : Problem with animations in FlashLite Player (i-mode Simulator)

07-24-2006, 09:46 AM

I'm getting a trouble while creating a game for i-mode mobiles (DoCoMo)

It works fine in Flash8 mobile simulator. But when I tested it in i-mode Simulator II, I got a (big) trouble:

The animations perform not very slowly but when I hold down a key to move the character in the game, every animations are nearly stopped! only the character can move, and when it moves, all animations inside it are stopped too :(

Everythings can only move again when I release the key :)

I tried to reinstall the simulator, but it does the same.

ah, moreover, even when I hold down a key but let the flashplayer do nothing (i don't make the character move anymore and let all the movieclips work it own), the animations still slow down. It seem that the CPU spend too much time/power to process these keyevents :(

I created a simple animation and tested it in i-mode Simulator II, but I always meet this problem >.<

see an example here:
(it runs smoothly in flashplayer for PC, hic)


press 4 to move left, 6 to move right, press 5 to "do-nothing" ^^

and this is the simulator:

download this and test the movie face.swf, you may see my problem T_T

Thanks ^o^