View Full Version : connecting flex with as class

07-26-2006, 05:36 PM
so i have a flex form that connects to a cfc on the server to load, update, insert and delete records from a db.

in the flex form i use

<mx:operation name="getAllProjects" result="handleProjLoad_Result(event)" fault="handleProj_Fault(event)"/>
<mx:operation name="addProject" result="handleProjAdd_Result(event)" fault="handleProj_Fault(event)"/>

to connect to the cfc. this all works great.

my question is this.
i have a project class that holds all teh data for a particular project. the project can be changed etc., from the project how would i connect back to flex to and use the method in the 'projectObject' (listed above) to pass teh info back to the cfc.

optimally, i would use remoting from as3 (inside the class), and let the class make the connection and update itself....

if im going about this all wrong, or you have suggestions on how to get teh data from the class to the <mx:webservice> object, or you can lead me in the right direction to do it with as3 remoting.... that would be great.