View Full Version : How to Share Session objects b/w two mxml application files

08-01-2006, 01:27 PM

i want to share the session object between two different mxml application files.

will that be possible in flex 2.0


08-01-2006, 02:36 PM

flex is flash
and flash is runing on the host
(where by i think flex has also some sort of server capabilitys)

but any way
sessions are managed on the server
(there woud by ways to override sessions host side but for this you woud need low level programs like C++ and it coud by considered as a hack)

but if i am not wrong
if you have a browser whit a session
all browsers opened by this one will get the same session (as long same domain)
you also can assign any desired session to it SERVER side
it's just the question how you wana identify
let's say 2 independent opened browsers wich shoud share the seam session
an IP won't help much as if the host is in a company network 1000's of hosts will share the same IP

so BOTH browsers woud need to login (i can't think of any other way to identify that they are coming from the same host)
if there is already a session for this user you freely can asiggn this to the other