View Full Version : Tree component problem..

08-13-2006, 11:41 PM
Hey, i downloaded the example of XML tree at gotoandlearn.com ..

now i want to use the tree, but the data will not come from XML, rather flashvars.. anyways.. i'm really close:

it seems, when i embed the xml string in the flash file, rather than loading it, then i dont get quite the same results, almost, but its like it can only read 2 levels, and in the example where the same dataa is loaded from a XML file, it works =/ ..

hard to explain.. look at files if u care to help me out..

i want treeExample_dataEmbedded.fla to give me the same result as treeExample_dataLoadedXML.fla.. its only few lines of code, i hope you guys can help me..

thnx in advance.