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08-12-2006, 08:50 PM
hello. i can't get the selection from my first combo box to appear in the text box on the bottom (frame 2 --> second page of movie). is there something missing in my script?
here is a link to the file. thanks!

http://myfiles.neu.edu/goughary.c/PUBIC --> file 07

08-14-2006, 09:34 PM

(here is a link to my file (version 10)
https://myfiles.neu.edu/goughary.c/PUBIC )

in this project, i am trying to construct a question sentence to ask george bush (it's a game) via comboBox selections. If you open the file and test the movie, once you get to the second screen (which is where you construct the sentence), you see combo boxes with the first showing 2 possible selections, 'what' and 'where'. When you select one, it goes down to the text field at the bottom (which is where the whole sentence will eventually be once all combo boxes are chosen). my problem is, I want to make it so that once you make a selection in a combo box, that it is impossible to make another selection in the same box. For instance, in my current version, you can pick 'where'...and then pick 'what' right after.
Secondly, i think there is something wrong in my code on frame 2...when you pick 'where', the next combo box shows the possible selections. but when you try and select one of them (in comboBox2), it won't show up in the text field.

another side question is: when you first get to the second page, you see 'what' in the first combo box. how can i get it so that you can select what and make it appear in the text field? because right now, the only one you can pick is 'where'.

THANKS so much to anyone who can help

here is a link to my file (version 10)