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08-17-2006, 04:59 PM
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As an anime artist, you face many obstacles. Like most anime artists, you

probably pursued this career out of a passion for this particular form of animation, and you expected, not unreasonably, to be compensated and recognized for your artistic ability and technical skills. Three of the most persistent and common challenges that the anime community faces are the intense competition in the field, limited exposure, and

low pay. While there are many consumers of anime products, the demand of anime fans

rarely translates into direct benefits for animators. If you’ve faced these challenges—and

you probably have—you may feel disillusioned. You may even be re-evaluating your

career: you love anime, but how can you continue as professional in a field that treats its

employees as anything but?

Anigriv, Inc. is one of the only companies in the world that has recognized the

challenges facing anime artists. They have gone one step further than everyone else by

attempting to resolve these problems and help animators advance as the professionals that

they are. They have the mission of working with animators in building their portfolio and

resume by generating exposure in the North American market as well as markets abroad.

They also want to help you expand your income by diversifying your earning streams,

protect your creative freedom, and retain the rights to your own work. All of these

benefits are offered to you when you sign up for their Street Fair Fan Base Program.

Anigriv Inc.’s Street Fair Fan Base Program was designed especially with you in

mind: the serious animator who is committed to taking a solid next step in his or her

career. They offer services to the current generation of animators already working in

studios, as well as the next wave of animators who are currently in school and studying

animation. So what is the Street Fair Fan Base Program? It is an opportunity for you to

gain valuable exposure, credibility, and market recognition in front of Hollywood

executives and other players in the anime market and related fields. There is no monetary

cost to you to join their Street Fair Fan Base Program; They only expect that you will be

totally committed to taking advantage of the full range of services and opportunities that

They will offer to you.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, or if you’ve already

decided that you’d like to join, please visit their website:

At their site, you can learn even more about the Street Fair Fan Base Program and how you can get started as a member. When you’re ready to join, they will ask you to send in your resume and a demo reel so that they can choose the most talented animators to participate in this program. You’ll be forming a community of supporters and exhibiting with the best of the best who are all looking to make their professional dreams come true. With the guidance and contacts provided by Anigriv, Inc., you’ll finally receive the professional recognition that you deserve.

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I think the correct lin is:

09-04-2006, 12:23 AM
Thanks guys for the infor. I have been struggling with animation for some time now. I am an artist not a programmer. The guys at the Anigriv Lab were very supportive. There meet twice a month you have guys from Pratt, SVA, Cooper Union and Columbia University Engimeering School.

Anigriv focus only on animation expression like if you need help with motion and expression there are the group to join. I was shocked when i found out it was just a group of people whom just love what there are doing purly for the love of anime I panicked at first. Ever since I was told I have join the team free of charge, but don't go there expecting them to do your home work. They will know and ask you to leave.

Some of the things there talked about was textbooks to buy, softwares to buy this way you hear from the mouth of your peers no sales pitch.
Plus the hands on coding, it was weared I felt like I was part of some NASA coding team with bunch of smart kids coding away, stoping to help each other when anyone is having problems.

09-04-2006, 01:21 AM
Then why does the site say Shampoo brand?