View Full Version : File upload problem (roaming profiles)

08-23-2006, 05:47 PM
Im using the code below to upload files to my server threw a php script. Im running into a problem uploading files that reside on our roaming profiles with in your instution. How do i get around this? If the files are on my hard drive it works just fine.

//Allow this domain

//Must be changed on new server
import flash.net.FileReference;
// The listener object listens for FileReference events.
var listener:Object = new Object();
// When the user selects a file, the onSelect() method is called, and
// passed a reference to the FileReference object.
listener.onSelect = function(selectedFile:FileReference):Void {
//clean statusArea and details area
statusArea.text = details.text="";
// Flash is attempting to upload the image.
statusArea.text += "Attempting to upload "+selectedFile.name+"\n";
// Upload the file to the PHP script on the server.
// the file is starting to upload.
listener.onOpen = function(selectedFile:FileReference):Void {
statusArea.text += "Uploading "+selectedFile.name+"\n";
//Possible file upload errors
listener.onHTTPError = function(file:FileReference, httpError:Number):Void {
imagePane.contentPath = "error";
imagePane.content.errorMSG.text = "HTTPError number: "+httpError+"\nFile: "+file.name;
listener.onIOError = function(file:FileReference):Void {
imagePane.contentPath = "error";
imagePane.content.errorMSG.text = "IOError: "+file.name;
listener.onSecurityError = function(file:FileReference, errorString:String):Void {
imagePane.contentPath = "error";
imagePane.content.errorMSG.text = "SecurityError: "+SecurityError+"\nFile: "+file.name;
// the file has uploaded
listener.onComplete = function(selectedFile:FileReference):Void {
// Notify the user that Flash is starting to download the image.
statusArea.text += "Upload finished.\n";
//Show file details
details.text = "";
for (i in selectedFile) {
details.text += "<b>"+i+":</b> "+selectedFile[i]+"\n";
_parent.doc1link = selectedFile.name;
//write doc name to text box
//_parent.Doc7 = _parent.doc1link;
// Call the custom downloadImage() function.
var imageFile:FileReference = new FileReference();
uploadBtn.onPress = uploadImage;
imagePane.addEventListener("complete", imageDownloaded);
// Call the uploadImage() function, opens a file browser dialog.
function uploadImage(event:Object):Void {
imageFile.browse([{description:"All Files", extension:"*.jpg;*.gif;*.png;*.doc;*.pdf;*.mp3;*.wav;*.wmv;*. mpeg;*.avi;*.qt"}, {description:"Image Files", extension:"*.jpg;*.gif;*.png"}, {description:"Documents", extension:"*.doc;*.pdf"}, {description:"Audio", extension:"*.mp3;*.wav"}, {description:"Video", extension:"*.wmv;*.mpeg;*.avi;*.qt"}]);
//{description:"Audio", extension:"*.mp3;*.wav;*.wma"}
//, {description:"Video", extension:"*.wmv;*.mpeg;*.avi;*.qt"}
// If the image does not download, the event object's total property
// will equal -1. In that case, display am error message
function imageDownloaded(event:Object):Void {
if (event.total == -1) {
imagePane.contentPath = "error";
// show uploaded image in scrollPane
function downloadImage(file:Object):Void {
imagePane.contentPath = "./files/"+file;