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05-01-2002, 11:24 AM
just wanted a bit of feedback on these. the geez im doin it for wants bright colours. which do u think is best??

link 1 (http://www26.brinkster.com/langwij/JAY2.html)

link 2 (http://www26.brinkster.com/langwij/JAY4.html)

link 3 (http://www26.brinkster.com/langwij/JAY5.html)

also what u think of the logo on link 2 & 3. he wanted a daffodil. tried to make it look like there is some vibration going on from sound????? any ideas

cheers for taking the time


Billy T
05-01-2002, 12:53 PM
well I liked the last one the best because the colours in the other 2 really didnt do it for me

I quite liked the blur on the logo - do you really need the "Jay on drums" up the top left as well?

Also, I think a lot of people will have trouble seeing the whole site - how tall is it?

btw your personal site was looking cool man...one thing I did notice that didnt seem right though - when I clicked on a couple of the products I was taken to that photographers website you were doing - was that meant to happen?


05-01-2002, 01:33 PM
hi billy

same as bud. i prefer the last 1 as well but i gotta persuad the geez as he wants bright colours (i've even toned em down a bit).

know what ur saying bout the text at the top, haven't really thought about it yet coz these colours are doin my head in!

height is 530px high which i think should be alright once its opened in a pop window shouldn't it?????

personal site - nah definatley not, it should do that. which products did it do it on? u sure it didn't do it in the flash section where there is a pic of the photography site (as it should do it there)????

still not sorted them cd holders yet! sigh!

cheers bud

05-01-2002, 02:06 PM

I liked the navigation, i gives the user an idea of 'what is going on'
As you see the catagories fly past, it makes you feel in control...nice.

As for the colors, well, if the client wants those particular ones then theres no point trying to dull them down. With those kind of colros i would prefer to head towards the 'all or nothing' end of the spectrum - yeah not good desgin advice, but with colors like those its a bit easy to enter damage limitation phase, if you know what i mean ?

First Link ) - Well, i liked the way the text moved up as colors moved down, but i felt that there were just too many colord bars flying around - felt like i had popped a happy pill.

Second Link) - In my opinion the best, the funny yellow color matched the logo nicely, all the colors were there but more organised, just all looked more flowing than the first.

Third Link) - Looked a little empty to me, you know -with all the stuff flying aorund...but not enough substance in the background, if you get me ? - looked like the site might have been left half way through / design change.

I am usually against those kind of garish sites, but as i say, it does look good and i think (although personally i try and stay away from that design) - the second one is by far best, it is organised, yet funky - a nice balance.

As for the logo, well it looked more like a blur / smeer than a vibration - if you see what i mean ?

I agree with Bill T, about the text in the top left...scrap it ! (But there does need to be something there).

I think that anyone who takes on a challenge of building a site with those kinda colors, will need a holiday at the end.

Although my reply probably will not fit in with the 'norm' of replies from pro designers, web developers etc....and i may be an amature, but you have to look at these things objectively. It does not mattter whether we all hate the colors, you still got to like em' if you see what i mean?

Second Link for me !!!!! (has a bit of everything, nice mixture)

Hoped this helped, Snapple :)

05-01-2002, 02:39 PM
Hey Bleeda,
The first time I took a look I thought the same as Snapple, that the
Third Link - Looked a little empty to me, you know -with all the stuff flying around...but not enough substance in the background, if you get me ? - looked like the site might have been left half way through / design change

but I went away for a bit, came back and looked at the three links in a different order. I think the first two options influenced my initial feeling about the third one because it looks so plain in comparison, but on reflection I think No. 3 could look the most professional of the three.

The logo - I would never have guessed it was a daffodil if you hadn't told me :) Hmm, could do with being a tad richer in colour/tone/contrast, especially if used in conjunction with the third layout.

Maybe if the client wants bright colours just think a bit more about which ones to use? Instead of going mad and giving that fizzy refresher sweet vibe try picking a select palette of warm yummy colours and using them sparingly, some rich orangey/reddy/yellows could look the part?

I see great things though, nice and simple :)


05-02-2002, 09:27 AM
The third one is much nicer than the rest but that probably is because i dont like bright colours. It is obviously hard to judge once it isnt ready but once the content is in I think it will look brilliant. The logo is also very nice.