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05-01-2002, 10:16 PM
Dear Sir/Madam,

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CGI-Network.net, Inc., offers you web site design and software development services.
Our divisions specialize in:
1. Professional software testing and perform system, integrity, multi-platform, regression, stress, scalability testing and other kinds of software testing;
2. Software Localization Services. Translation into Russian and Ukrainan;
3. Web Site Design/Programming;
4. Software Design/Programming;
a. Crossplatform software creation;
b. Web-Windows software integration;
5. Content managment;
6. Databse programming and optimization.

Windows Program Contact for quote ($25 per hour)
E-commerce Solution Contact for quote
Flash Contact for quote
Web programming Contact for quote ($21 per hour)
Web Site From $649
Web Site Maintenance From $29 per month
Wed Site Template From $149
Web Site Hosting From $39 per month
Home Page Visual Concept From $189
Home Page Package From $569
Banner From $49
Logo From $189

Our Products:
- Fash games:
Karate School, Hockey
- Delphi programs:
Live Chat, Child Protect, Mass Messenger, Instant Messenger, Database convertor
- Visual C++ programs:
Network Filter driver, Print to Mail driver, Live Chat, File Uploader, File Downloader
- PHP scripts:
Auction, Mass mailer, Web Grabber, Web Search, Web Portal, Banner Exchnge, POP-UP exchange,
HelpDesk, Files Search Engine, GuestBook, Download Manager, Live Chat, Shopping Cart, Directory Protect
- Perl script:
Files Seach Engine, Banner Echange, SMS Messenger (With paid members), Shopping Cart, FTP Uploader,
Web portal, Mass Mailer, Shedule Mailer, MySQL back-up, Web Grabbers, Proxy Checkers, Chat, Visitors Stats, SMS Messenger,
Link Checker, Autoresponder, POP3 mail checker, Directory Protect.
- ASP:
Shopping Cart, Search Engine, Mass Mailer.
- Java:
Chat, Shopping Cart, SMS Messenger.

Several very popular products developed by the CGI-Network.net team are
sold on the web as shareware.

We seek partners with Western companies to undertake outsourced projects.

CGI-Network.net, Inc. has already had extensive 2 years work experience at U.S. and European IT markets. We have a staff of 20+ experienced
software engineers residing in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.


Valera Vlasyuk,
Sales Manager
CGI-Network.net Development
[email protected]

Phone +38-0612-625853, +38-0612-641809
Fax: +38-0612-641809
Custom software development and web design since 2000