View Full Version : How do I pass a variable from the HTML-page to the flash-movie

05-13-2002, 07:30 PM
I'm developing a flash-movie that is launched by a HTML-page (actually it is a xml-driven-page, so it is dynamic)
I need the value of a perticular variable in the flash-movie.
I can't find anything about adding a parameter to the EMBED-tag that can "pass" the variable to the flash-movie.
I know I can get it out of another xml-file or even a text-file but it would be much simpler if I could just start the movie from within the HTML-page and in the same time pass-through the varaiable.

Is anybody sitting on the solution, maybe I'm overlooking something or maybe somebody already developed a small JAV-script for this????

thanks on beforhand

Billy T
05-13-2002, 09:48 PM
there is a tutorial on this