View Full Version : Ok this might be impossible, any ideas?

10-24-2006, 07:18 PM
Here's the scenario: You've got a columnchart up. The user right clicks on it, thereby bringing up the context menu. Now to effectively handle this you need to have data about the actual bar the context menu was chosen for. In this scenario I'm needing to know the month to be able to select data from another table to display information specific to that month.

Now it would be nice if either one of the context menu event's "targets" specified the ColumnSeriesItem instead of the ColumnSeries or one of the ChartItemEvents was for calling up a context menu. Or even if the context menu provided what the x,y coord was that brought it up.

Unfortunately, it seems that none of those are available. So the question is, is there another solution to the problem?

Any ideas welcomed,