View Full Version : Skinning panel...

10-26-2006, 03:42 PM
Ok, I was playing with skins last night for the panel component and I've been getting really frustrated with figuring out what styles to use for aligning everything. I finally managed to get the padding all set up with the exception of the heading, which needs to be lowered 10 pixels or so...


Here's the css that I've set up so far...
borderThicknessTop: 20;
borderThicknessLeft: 11;
borderThicknessRight: 11;
borderThicknessBottom: 11;
borderSkin: Embed('assets/blogSkin.swf', symbol='panel2');

color: #ff0000;
fontFamily: "Verdana";
fontSize: 12;
fontWeight: "bold";
bottom: 0;

Anyone know how I can adjust the vertical position of the panel heading??