View Full Version : Flex based design (Am I there or am I missing the boat.)

11-03-2006, 06:12 PM
Even though I've been doing this Flex stuff for a little under 2 weeks, I've been reading like heck on websites and in Webster and McLeod's book "developing rich clients with macromedia flex". And I'm no stranger to writing code and "puttin' out da programs" :p

So what I'm really saying is I both "trust myself" and "don't trust myself" at this point in time in this arena.

Now I was thinking and reading last night and had some design ideas and was wondering if / hoping that someone would look over a concept I have and see if I'm thinking right or not.

I guess the basis of my idea is value objects. Or as I think of them (being from a C# kinda world) data classes. I'll admit to a degree the concept(s) are still nascent in my mind. So please bear with me as far as any "holes" or such.

What I'm thinking of is this. A VO (value object) package. Below is pretty much my explanation that I'm going to put in the code notes and also to others in the organization (read "my boss")

The VO package will be a group of data classes (and possibly some helper classes) to describe and define the data in our system. VO stands for Value Object. These separate classes (mostly each representing an actual or
virtual record of a table.) can be put into collections (probably a ListCollectionView or one of it's derived classes) and thereby be sorted, segregated and otherwise manipluated. They can also be easily passed around to other modules and referenced in future modules with no need for rewrites. Another added benefit is that this will allow us to separate even further the data access layer from the actual other layers of the system.

What I mean by seperating the data access layer, is that the (lacking a better word) aggregators (what will talk to the data access layer and "fill in" the VOs) could be either designed to handle multiple means of input (in other words different types of data sources) and still any of the application/presentation level developers would have a viable package and set of classes to interact with the data as strongly typed objects.

Thank in advance, and hope to hear from ya,