View Full Version : viewStack problem

11-08-2006, 01:29 PM

I have a main mxml file "main.mxml" containing a view stack linking to an additional 2 mxml components:

<mx:ApplicationControlBar id="appBar_apc">
<mx:LinkBar dataProvider="viewStack_vs"/>

<mx:ViewStack id="viewStack_vs">
<mi: page1 id="page_1" label="this is page 1"/>
<mi: page2 id="page_2" label="this is page 2"/>
<mi: page3 id="page_3" label="this is page 3"/>
<mi: page4 id="page_4" label="this is page 4"/>

<mi: page5 id="page_5" visible=”false”/>
<mi: page6 id="page_6” visible=”false”/>
<mi: page7 id="page_7" visible=”false”/>

as you can see I have initialized all my pages within the viewStack within my main MXML file.
Although I want all the components to load within the viewStack, I don’t want to include all of the pages in the viewStack header (menu) as some of them will be linked / navigated to through button clicks within the main components and are not wanted / required in the viewStack menu item itself…..

I have tried setting the visible status = “false” and it removes the text from the menu item, although there is still a space (and rollover) there where the component is included…..

Can anyone tell me how I can remove these components from the viewStack menu item and / or initialize them elsewhere with them still being usable throughout the application….