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11-16-2006, 09:16 AM
first thread first post ! Hiya

allright, my problem:

I have a textarea, through xml there'll be content loaded together with some html coding, the content consists of:

Title (dynamic), newline
Preview (dynamic), newline
Readmore (dynamic), image (fancy arrow, not dynamic)

The whole problem is that it has to be a flipable/mouseOver image, and there's no possibility for javascript in the html page, so using html imgtag isn't possible (as far as i know). I thought how about making two different textareas, one for the title and preview, and one for the readmore which will align to the right, so i can force the position of the arrow image.

But of course it all must seem it's still in the same textarea, so i can't force the starting point of the first textarea otherwise it'll show too much or too little space then a simple line break between the two textareas. Is it possible to use some kind of "align bottom" for a textarea ?

As my struggle continued i tried several things which came to a point i got to this forum and found the autoSize command, i know it doesn't work for a textarea, but the word is it does for a label, tho a label puts up with some html it doesn't seem to do the 'newline' or <br> command. Is it possible to force label into several lines?

My alternative is to create a function which will look at the length of the string that goes into the first textarea, and then filter the capitals, and large (W,M) and small letters (I,J) to make the most accurate decision on the starting position of the textarea, this could never be 100% accurate of course.

Hope anyone can help me out, completely open for other suggestions