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12-01-2006, 12:54 PM
Hi everyone.

Don't know if anyone can shed any light on this issue, if not then this can serve as advice for those in the same predicament that I've been in about this.

I've been having problems when trying to fade out a layered movie clip. It appears that all the elements of the clip are faded seperately, thus causing the elements' colours to merge together temporarily. After much fiddling around I found that if you apply a blend mode to the movie clip, then the entire clip is faded as a whole, producing the desired effect. I've attached an example of this for you to check out.

Seems wierd that you have to do this to get around the problem. I would think that this is more of a bug in Flash than a feature, though I'm sure Macromedia would disagree with me.

If anyone has any alternatives to this workaround or any information as to why this is the case then that would be great.



12-02-2006, 04:09 AM
Applying a blend mode may store your clip as bitmapData (cacheAsBitmap) which allows the fading to affect the clip as a whole single element (bitmapData) rather than multiple vector elements.