View Full Version : tsunami and swap depths

01-03-2001, 03:27 PM
I was reading a post on flashkit, and the reply sent the person to here, but i had problems viewing this site. It was refering to a tsunami tutorial or something. It also said about a swap depths tutorial which i have seen and is very very handy.

I cant remember the name of the site with the effect the person wanted to use but it had say 4 pictures which rotated on an elipse and faded into the background. Thats about as gooder description as i can give...sorry!!!!!

hope you can help.

01-03-2001, 03:34 PM
But if anyone can help with combining the swap depth and the tsunami tutorials that would be good.

01-03-2001, 11:28 PM
I'm fiddling as we speak but it's not easy. That person has my respect for porducing such a mad navigation. Orriginality is always respectable. If I have any breakthrus I'll let you know.