View Full Version : DuplicateMovieclip problem

01-04-2007, 11:26 PM
Hello, I currently managed to get from tutorials about this function's usage. It is so far so good until I need to try something different. I messed up some of the code and couldn't let flash define the variables in the for loop . Basically, my objective is to create a name that has letters which can be randomly placed but with some sort of order(so that the name is still readable). Here is the code:

duplicateMovieClip(k_mc, name0, 0);
duplicateMovieClip(a_mc, name1, 1);
duplicateMovieClip(i_mc, name2, 2);
duplicateMovieClip(j_mc, name3, 3);
duplicateMovieClip(i_mc, name4, 4);
duplicateMovieClip(u_mc, name5, 5);
duplicateMovieClip(n_mc, name6, 6);

this[name0]._x =Math.random()*550+10;
this[name0]._y =Math.random()*230+10;
for (i=0;i<=5;i++) {
this[mynextname]._x =this[myname]._x + Math.random()*20;
this[mynextname]._y =this[myname]._y + Math.random()*20;

Just in case, here is the flash file. Please tell me which mistake/blindspot i have. And just wonder is there a better way on manipulating the text other than this?I hate creating symbols for each letter.It is really troublesome. Thanks for reading.