View Full Version : How Reviews Will Work

01-05-2007, 02:33 AM
From time to time, people come to us with products or services they would like to have reviewed. We personally don't have the time to review them all, so we've decided to set up a new means of managing such requests.

Basically, whenever there is a new product or service to be reviewed, we will post it here, including whatever information we have. People who are interested in reviewing the product/service can reply to express interest.

The benefit for the company is that they get their product reviewed by someone with a genuine interest in their product. The benefit for the reviewer is that they get to use the product/service in question. In most cases we will reach an agreement with the provider that the product or service must be a full commercial edition, which the reviewer can use thereafter for their own purposes.

The catch is that there will often be more than one keen reviewer per product. We feel this is another little way we can give back to those who have contributed to the site, so if multiple people want to conduct a review, we will generally favor the user who has made the greatest level of contributions so far. This includes on the Forums, not just the CMS, etc. Of course it will be hard for us to choose some time, so don't take it too personally if you aren't chosen.

For physical items like books, etc. your physical location will make a difference, so please be sure to include it in your response.

You may wish to subscribe to this forum via RSS, or via email subscriptions, so you are notified promptly of new products which are available to be reviewed.

Finally, and importantly, how quickly you conduct your review will impact the likelihood of that company to work with us again. When taking on a review task, you must have confidence that you'll be able to turn it around in a reasonable time-frame.