View Full Version : faboo or craptacular, YOU be the judge!

03-27-2001, 03:13 PM
So i couldn't help but notice that it is virtually impossible to get an honest opinion of my flash from people that i know.
That is why i've come to you (yes, YOU, my friend) to get your vicious, nasty, unrelenting, horrible, flaming, indignant or otherwise HONEST opinion of my site.
I promise to hold those who include detailed critiques close to my cold, black heart.


03-28-2001, 03:05 PM
the site shows the personality - very good graphics - nice effects, i liked your site very much!!!:-)))
only thing that i could critisize is the menu. i must roll over every element to find the menu item, BUT as i have understood it is the effect that many designers use with flash and maybe i'm just a oldtimer who wants everything to be logical and clear from the first glimpse to the site!
all the best,