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01-17-2007, 10:48 AM

We are currently looking for a fun, creative individual to do freelance work, who is well versed in multiple scripting languages, to assist us with the sites we are developing. We need customization to our vBulletin forum, custom web applications developed, a file exchange system setup, a payment system, and we need that all linked together and working from one database. We have a dedicated server already setup with Linux enterprise that we are using to host this.

Applicants should have at least several years experience with programming, professional experience preferred, and be knowledgeable in creating and debugging actionscript 1&2, PHP, CSS, Javascript & AJAX, vBulletin Forums (customization), HTML, DHTML, XML, mysql databses and related server-side technologies.

Applicants should also have:
Good Communication & Collaborative skills
Experience in online marketing and advertising (preferred but not necessary)
Strong problem solving skills
Samples of work and/or references
Have a good sense of humor ;)
Enjoy what they do

Pay is negotiable based on level of experience and time needed to complete but we have several thousand dollars to spend initially. This is a work for hire and can be done remotely, our company is in southern New York state. Details of project will be given after non-disclosure agreement is exchanged between us and applicants.

Please contact us through private message or at [email protected]


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