View Full Version : FLVPlayback - customization problem from a skin FLA?

02-20-2007, 09:34 PM
I've been reading up on customizing the FLVPlayback component for a Flash 8 video tool I'm building. I'm stumped about starting my customization from a pre-existing skin FLA. Here's why...

I started with the ClearExternalAll.fla file -- the simple clear skin with ALL controls turned on and the chrome background on the bottom of the video window.

I need to remove a few controls and redo the layout in the layout_mc file -- specifically the forward/backward buttons, the forward/backward background, and the volume slider. I'm doing this because there are no preset skins included with Flash 8 that have this configuration.

When I remove these clips (I just turned them into guide layers -- they're not exported) in the layout_mc clip and then use the skin, I see the assets from the right side of the skin FLA in my final FLA using this skin.

What is doing that? What is the proper way to remove controls from the skin FLA before export? I looked in some of the preset skins that have fewer controls, and the layout_mc clip doesn't have the things that are disabled, yet the skin assets are still present in the skin FLA AND the exported FLA using said skin.


03-01-2007, 03:47 PM
If I remove the layers containing the controls I DO NOT need, will that keep the skin assets to the right of the layout_mc clip from showing up when compiled? I was just turning those control layers into guides, so I suspect they were still compiling and causing their asset blocks to show.