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04-09-2007, 06:18 PM
I'm having a hard time with loading my text from subzone.

//Script To Generate Default Information and names about each subzone
//When you want to put information in get rid of code after this and use:
//Where it is zone 1, subzone 2.
// /:name1-2 = "Snack Bar" - To Define The Name Of Each Subzome
// /:info1-2 = "Dance Hall" - To Define The Information In Each Subzone
// /:type1-2 = 1 - To Define The Type Of Structure It Is, Should be a Number realting to the types defined above.
for (i=1; i<=/:zones; i++) {
for (k=1; k<=eval("/:zone" add i add "sub"); k++) {
set("/:name" add i add "o" add k, "Zone " add i add "-" add k);
set("/:info" add i add "o" add k, "Here will be information about zone " add i add "-" add k add ". This subzone is a very nice place to visit both during the day and the night. It has a large number of interesting activitys for all the family.");
//Random Type Of Property Each Place Is
type = random(3)+1;
set("/:type" add i add "o" add k, type);
/:name1o2 = "Snack Bar 1";
/:info1o2 = "Light meals are served.<br>Price Range: $2 thru $3<br>Cuisine: American<br>Meals: Snack<br>Service Type:*Fast Food Counter / Snack<br><br>Menu<br>-----------------<br> Coke or Root Beet Float - $2.99<br> Apple Slices - $1.49<br><br>Beverages<br>-----------------<br> Apple Juice - $1.49<br> Hot Cocoa - $1.59<br> Coffee - $1.59<br> Bottled Water - $2.50<br> Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, or Minute Maid<br>Lemonade - $1.99, $2.29";
/:type1o2 = 1;

// Where it is zone 2, subzone 2.
/:name2o2 = "Dance Hall";
/:info1o2 = "Dance to the tunes of pop, rock and blues";
/:type2o2 = 2;