View Full Version : printing from Flash

03-30-2001, 01:58 PM
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to print selected frames from a Flash movie?

I want my viewer to be able to print out a page or pages of their choice.



03-30-2001, 10:52 PM
Make a button for the frame with action :

on (release) {
getURL ("javascript:window.print()");

01-31-2002, 04:55 PM
plaese explain this in a little more detail, when I try this all I get is a blank window that pops up and then it prints out about:blank

01-31-2002, 05:08 PM
i think the javascript function to print the window, will only work when you are viewing the swf from a browser.

01-31-2002, 05:57 PM
My problem is that I am loading .swf's that are on the web into a projector file funning on my computer. the projector is set at fullscreen using fscommands and the .swf's are a bit smaller loaded into levels. Now what happens is when I try to print a frame of a swf I get black printing at the top and bottom of the pages. any way around this that you might know of?

02-01-2002, 08:32 AM
Make a square symbol, with the height, width and _x and _y of what u want to print, and label that #b. Now label the frames u want to print as #p. Also, why not download the print kit from the macromedia site ? They have a great tutorial about printing in Flash.