View Full Version : need help on Flash ideas

05-06-2007, 02:37 PM
Hi all,

i am trying to find out the following but not sure which title i should search under or if anyone here have tutorials or .fla to advise on.


1) i am trying to do a transition when 1 click on A button, the data (regardless if its text or image) will slide in onto the center of the screen, and when click on B button, the same data will slide back out and a new data from B button will slide in, replacing the orginial data. giving it a smooth transition. meaning everytime a button is click, the data will replace the orginial 1.

2) if i intend to have an image (eg: a chair) and intend to hve smooth outline drawing animation of the chair, and it will slowly fade to become the actual chair, how to i achieve it?

pls advise as i do not know which title i shd search under.
thanks so much