View Full Version : printing text behind the scenes

03-31-2001, 03:49 PM
I am trying to finish a project and am stuck. (otherwise what'd I be doing in work on a Saturday??!!).
Here is what I am doing -
There are a number of clicks through a description. On each of these keyframes there is a text box with a section of text which is called in from an external xml file. THey are all populated at the beginning of the movie. What I need to do is have a print button which will print these text boxes all at once. I am able to get them all into a variable by sticking in a line in the XML loop (printText = printText + +DisposableList[ii], where disposable list is my array from the xml and ii is my incrementer for going through it).
So, I have a variable with the text, but how do I print this?
I tried a few things, but no joy!
I am in a load of 5h*t next week if this does not work, so I am eternally grateful to anyone who can help!