View Full Version : shoWeaver = You cannot do this with AJAX ;)

06-29-2007, 01:57 PM
Hello World,

I just wanted to tell everybody to check my new site: www.showeaver.com
minimum required: Flash 7 (Flash 9 recommended) and Shockwave 10 for the 3D view...

So, what's shoWeaver?
In short, it's an online room setup system aimed at convention centers or hotels that rents meeting rooms. It is design to help organize show floors. You can add, move or delete muliple kind of furnitures, stands or stages, as if you were working in a desktop application.

And you can see it in 3D too.

It is still in a beta state but will soon be available.
Please leave your comments to help me track bugs or simply to give your opinion. All comments are welcome!!

P.S. this project began 2 years ago, that's why it is published for Flash player 7.