View Full Version : Handle Leaks in Flash Client, need guidance how to proceed

07-09-2007, 06:43 AM
I need help regarding handle leak issue. I have a Flash movie that parses XML from the server every 1 minute. The XML file is around 100- 200 KB. I m seeing that IE starts leaking handles, and when profiled, I see a lot of "token" handle leaks (more than 2000 handles leaks per day) ( My understanding on Token Handles: It is a handle to a security credential. Usually when IE connects to a server it tries to send the credentials of the logged in user. These credentials are seen as tokens in windows.) Are there any documented issues regarding this? If I keep IE open for a week, Flash will cause IE to either crash, or make the system unstable.. I have disabled all Toolbars (except Adobe PDF toolbar)..

I use HTTP to request XML data from Server. There is JSP Session ID based authentication to connect to server before running the SWF. How do I go ahead debugging? Thanks in advance.

Some details about the Flash Movie:
There are several Actionscript Verison 2 components in the movie all instances of whihc are created at runtime using actionscript. all of my code is in Actionscript 2 There is quite some XML parsing. There are not much animations in the movie (the movie more has to do with parsing the XML and representing it in the screen).