View Full Version : Next Button To Go To Next Scene

07-11-2007, 12:02 AM
Hi Everybody,

I'm pretty new to Flash, and have purchased Flash 8 Professional for Mac recently.

I'm trying to make a Flash News Slideshow kind of thing for one of my websites.

Basically I have Scene 1 as the first news item, 10fps for 70 frames (7 secs long) and I have Scene 2 as the second news item, 10fps for 70 frames (7 secs long)

I have a Component Forward Button on both Scenes, and want to have it that on Scene 1 when you click this Forward Button, you jump to Scene 2, and also on Scene 2 when you click the Forward Button, you jump back to Scene 1

This seems really complicated from tutorials I've seen on the net, and can't figure it out, can anyone help me out?!?!