View Full Version : flash-standalone to remote server communications...How?

04-03-2001, 02:32 PM
Hi, for an application i am currently working on, I am investigating the best way for flash to send and receive information from/to a database on a remote server.
-the flash movie has to be working standalone/in the projector, so not in a browser.
-the server is a Tomcat, using a java-servlet/applet to communicate ( is what i am told)
-i need to send/receive between 10 and 500 variables

i suppose i have to use the loadVariables command for this, preferably using the POST-method. Is this correct?
Has anybody any experience with this, working in the projector? Because I was reading in the MM docs that you could have some security problems when you are trying to loadvariables on a remote server...
And what do I need on the other side to handle these requests?

Any help would be great!!! Thanks...

02-04-2004, 09:21 AM
u could always use AMFPHP, it makes things very easy.
or XML