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Sir Francis
07-24-2007, 12:12 AM

I just downloaded Flash CS3 in order to evaluate its capability to create a full interactive application for process simulation.

There are several types of machines and product to be simulated, so a database has to be constructed in order to make an automatic 1/2D search based on user input and execute the applicable mathematical calculations (such as vlookup and hlookup MS Excel functions).

Also, popup message boxes has to be included in order to warn the user about possible errors and/or machine/product specifications conflicts.

Is Flash CS3 the best application for this purpose? Which would be the best programming language, ActionScript 2 or 3?

Kinds regards. :)

07-24-2007, 04:46 PM
You might want to consider Flex (http://www.adobe.com/go/flex). Flex Builder, the development environment, is specifically designed for coding, unlike Flash CS3, which is more designer-centric. The component framework is very robust, and it should fit your needs well, I think.

At the very least, I recommend that you use ActionScript 3, especially since you seem to be building an application that requires a lot of calculations.

Sir Francis
08-02-2007, 07:20 PM
Dear Dr Zeus, sorry for the delay.:o

I appreciate your input. In fact, I have found that Flash CS3 drawing power is not as expected. It has been really good for me thou. It has been a real pain to make the actual machine frames as well as shading.

I'll try Flex and see how it might work.