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08-11-2007, 09:51 AM
I need a flash application which allow me submit content via back-end and they will be show on front-end. General it likes a FAQ system by Flash.

* Back-End:
- admin panel with secure login.
- can add content manually by text editor. Admin can add link, add images... like WYSIWYG.
- can add/del/edit content and can move content to folder or sub-folder.
- can add/del/edit directory (folder and sub folder)
- content should saved on MySQL database. Content always contains text, images, links… such as HTML. Some content has link to other flash file, make sure you can do it.
- admin can change pass, pass must be secure too, maybe it should be encoded.

* Front-End:
- show content in 2 columns: left is folder, content tittle and right is content details. Such as windows explorer.
- You must add link or button: < Previous Next > , they are allow user jump to newer or older content.
- user access content can NOT use any flash-decompiler software to get content or anything. This means application must be secure, no one can copy content or detect admin pass, url, files of application…

Is it possible to create system like this? How? Do you know any extensions for flash or flex help me that?