View Full Version : datagrid.getItemAt() - Too Slow Execution

08-30-2007, 09:49 AM

I've been stuck with the following problem for several hours. PLEASE HELP

I am using TutFat custom datagrid in my project. I've to style it reffering to certain conditions. Datagrid contains about 57 lines.

CELL_COLOURING_BY_PARAM = new Array(); //this is the condition for colouring text
CELL_COLOURING_BY_PARAM.push({ColumnName:"Status", CellValue:"solgt"});
CELL_COLOURING_BY_PARAM.push({ColumnName:"Status", CellValue:"reservert"});

for (var color_cell in CELL_COLOURING_BY_PARAM)
val = CELL_COLOURING_BY_PARAM[color_cell].CellValue.toLowerCase()
cn = CELL_COLOURING_BY_PARAM[color_cell].ColumnName;
ci = products_dg.getColumnIndex(cn)

var t = new CodeTimer("----Cell colouring time consumption-----");

for (var i:Number=0; i<products_dg.length; i++)
if (products_dg.getItemAt(i)[cn].toLowerCase() == val)
products_dg.setCellStyle(i, ci, "textcolor", 0xFF0000);

Execution times oscilate around 1000ms and rise every time i call this piece of code. Whe i remove the condition in loop, exec times reduce drastically, so I presume that getItemAt() is the bottle neck here. I need help!!! There are a few this kind of loops in my code so sometimes it takes 10s to sort grid (and restyle it afterwards)...