View Full Version : saving highscores, with php

09-17-2007, 01:22 PM
hey there
i have done so many highscore tutorial, and i dont now why its not working, i have tried everything, is there anyway yous can help me out im desperate, its for my school project and its due soon, and i dont know wat to do

my files can be found here


my game is a webcam game where as it is based on how fast you get to the other side, i wanted to create a high score, i followed your tutorial, and dont know why its not workin. i have script for the gameplay outside the fla, and i put the script off your tutorial inside the flash file, as you look at the game, when it finishes you go to a screen where it will show your score, then i made a button, and on that button i put the script off you tutorial to send the score, and once it is clicked you go to the highscore page, for some reason it is not working i have tried everything, would it be possible if you can have a look.

btw i have tested it on my server too, still nothing

please help assp