View Full Version : Weird component behaviour...

Iron Mike
09-29-2007, 02:59 PM

I'm using the video components (not the skins) to play back my .flv files - I'm working in Flash 9 CS3 and using AS2.

Components that I use are playButton, pauseButton, muteButton, seekBar & volumeBar and I have them linked up to the '.flv' file via actionscript.

Now I'm re-using the same components for several '.flv' files in the same document and it works but there are two components that behave strange...

1. the seekBar - when I jump to a different .flv file (at a different spot on the timeline) the seekbar starts out with multiple seekhandles (those little arrows that you use to go to a specific point in the clip). There as many seekhandles present as many times I used the seekbar before...

Now I've tried to:

a. assign different instance names for the seekbars I use
b. place multiple seekbar components in the library and assign different linkages & different instance names
c. tried to delete the 'handleLinkageID' every time before re-using the seekbar

nothing works.... ;(

Anybody any idea ?

2. the volumeBar - it works fine, and it works great re-using the same component for all of '.flv' files, BUT after it's been on stage and I jump to a different spot on the timeline, it leaves the black handle for that volumebar on the stage (!!)

Now just to make this clear: the volumebar is not present but the black handle is and stays, this can only be seen when u export / test your movieclip, you don't see it when working in the '.fla' file...

How is this possible ?

As always, thanx for your help in advance !