View Full Version : Working with Cyrillic Russian

10-01-2007, 01:55 PM
Hey guys

i have been designing a website for some commrades in Russia and have had a few headaches with text/fonts. i have looked over several documents for some help but they all seem to deal with Multi-lingual applications rather than just russian. i'm aware of unicode but not to sure if this will solve my problems or not or if it will automatically change my .html file when i embed the cyrillic fonts? i do want to see txt in Flash as i'd like to see how it effects my design.

In my head i imagined that i would just need to embed which ever fonts i was using and make sure that russian text (which has been translated for me by another russian friend) makes sense.

Now after a bit of research and advice from friends i'm more confused than ever. Sorry if i sound naive, please help if Possible!